Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Something Different

If the first plan does not work there take successfully, replace with a new plan, if the new plan is also no way, replace it with another plan again and so on until you find a plan that actually succeed. Exactly this is where most people are doomed to failure because of a lack of persistence in creating new plans to replace the failed.

The smartest people in the world are not able to collect the money, as well as in other things without a plan that is practical and workable. Remember the fact that in mind and do not forget when you plan to fail, while the defeat was not a permanent failure. Maybe it just means that you do not plan well enough, make a new plan. Start again from the beginning.

Temporary defeat should mean only one thing, which is a certainty that there is something wrong with your plan. Millions of people live in misery and poverty because they do not have a good plan for accumulating wealth.

Existing achievements accomplished cannot be greater than the strength of your plan. Nobody can be defeated until he gave up in his mind. We already see people who accumulate wealth, but we often only see their victory, not defeat attention while they have to overcome before they arrived.

None of the followers of this philosophy can expect to accumulate wealth without experiencing "temporary defeat". When defeat comes, accept it as a sign that your plan is not good enough. Make a plan and marched back again to the point that you want.

If you give up before the target is achieved, then you are an easily discouraged. A desperate never win and winners never despair. Take this sentence, write down on a piece of paper with one-inch-high letters and put in place you can see it every night before you go to bed and every morning before you go to work.

Some people foolishly convinced that the only money that can make money. It is simply not true! Desires are converted into equivalent monetary through the guiding principle is presented here is a means to "make" money. Money itself is nothing more than an inanimate object. Money cannot move, think or speak, but the money could "hear" when someone wants it, and then call money to come.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Achieve Second Chance

Life is full of second chances. Provided that you have the ability to recognize and courage to act. At some point in our lives, almost all of us crave a second chance to do the things we dreamed about, but never commit to working on it.

But almost all of us do not want to make the leap across the chasm that separates our dreams with deeds. Always will be people who warned us that we would fail at this or that. The important question to ask is not whether I will fail but whether it will succeed to achieve results?

It's easy to avoid failure. We have not lost a tennis match. Never lost the positions in government offices. Never choke while singing solo. That's because we have not tried these things. Only people who try something alone who face the risk of failure.

How do we train ourselves to see and act on a second chance in life? Below are the recommendations of experts and people who are looking for a second chance:

Do not dismiss your dreams. If you can dream it, start. If you can imagine it, persevere. Commitment and shadow (vision) to form its own momentum, which brings a successful end.

Never said it was too late. Thirty years ago people expected to do certain things at certain stages in their lives. In the current era, the life cycle is much more flexible and we are more open to change at any age.

Conquer the mountain you step by step. By breaking down the goals into parts that can be achieved, we increase profits in the short-term revenue and we lowered the price to be paid in the effort to achieve it.

Be willing to exchange. If we work hard enough, then we will get what we want. But we can not have everything, simultaneously. The important thing is to know that in every second occasion there will be exchange and more often we have to make sacrifices. Write the consequences of short-term and long-term of any second chances we face. Determine where the positive and which are negative and consider the difference. Can you live with the negative? It will help you deal with failure.

Be willing to change. We've all been familiar with chronic grumbler, who lament their work, their marriage or life in general. But I have never seen any such whiner who did something constructive to change what makes them unhappy. Get a second chance means that we believe we can achieve change and that we will benefit from the change.

Do not want to receive an answer not- even from yourself. Life is full of second chance for us all to achieve results in what we do to turn failure into success through a new business or a different attitude. We do not need to limit yourself. What we need to face the second is the ability to recognize opportunity and courage to act.

Three Steps From Gold Mine

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of giving up when people face a temporary defeat. Everyone has experienced this error.

Mr. Goldsmith infected with "gold fever" during the large-scale gold mining, and went to the West to dig for gold and become rich. He had never heard that more gold has been mined from human thought compared with those taken from the ground. He chose the quarry and began working with a shovel and Pickaxe.

After weeks of hard work, he gets rewarded with the discovery of seeds that sparkled. He requires the engine to remove the seeds into the ground. Silently he closed the mine, returned to his hometown and told relatives and some neighbors about the discovery. Them together to raise money to buy the necessary machines and then send it. Mr. Goldsmith returned there to work on mine.

The first seed hopper excavated and shipped to a processing facility. The results prove that they have one of the richest mines in Eldorado. Some carriages again from the seeds will be able to pay off the debt. Then will come a great advantage.

Excavation also go ahead. And hope Mr. Goldsmith increased. Then something happened. Vein of gold ore disappeared. They had reached the end of the rainbow and a crock of gold was no longer there. They keep digging desperately trying to reinvent the gold veins, but all in vain.

Finally they decided to give up. They sold the machine to the junkman for a few hundred dollars and take the train back home. Junkman call a mining engineer to review the gold mines and make a little calculation. Engineers inform that the project failed because the owner did not know the "fault lines" calculations showed that the vein would be found only three steps from where Mr. Goldsmith stop digging. And the right is where gold was discovered.

The Junkman dredge gold ore worth millions of dollars from the mine because he's smart enough to seek expert advice before giving up.

Monday, February 23, 2015

General Who Burned His Fleet

In the past a great warrior faced a situation that required him to make a decision to ensure success on the battlefield. He will send his troops against the powerful enemy, in excess of his own men. He was loading his soldiers into ships, sail to the land of the enemy, the troops and equipment, then ordered to burn all the ships that carry them. In a speech before the start of the battle, he said, "You see all the ships we've gone up in smoke, it means we are not biased leave this beach alive unless we win! Now we have no choice - we must win .. or perish! They won.

I wonder what is in the minds of the troops, when the General ordered them to burn all ships carrying troops set foot on land they do not know. Then on top of a hill, he drew his sword, the general answer confusion troops: "We did not come here to go back. We only have two choices: to conquer the country and stay here or we all perish! O entire army, if you have this where else would you run? Behind you there is the sea and in front of you there is an enemy. By Allah, the only yours today just honesty and patience. The only thing you can count on! ".

Answered already amazement brave troops! Their souls on, aware that they are being led by a young man to be a lion. As the saying goes: "An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep". So not the slightest fear of touching their souls, just that they were not aware of the enemy if they are facing a small army is led by the brave man to be a lion.

Indeed, the history of every nation on earth is always engraved with the sweat and blood of the brave. They are present in the resurrection. They are present in glory. And they are also present in the fall and collapse. Not important right at any time they are present. For them, the courage that is destined to an honorable present in the events of-the event itself. Courage was the soul energy. It can be owned by anyone who decides to have it. However, the courage that is the soul energy that has no direction. He could explode in any direction he desired by the owner.

Every person who wins in every effort must be willing to burn the ships and cut off all possibility of retreat. Only by doing so one can be sure to have the state of mind known as a burning desire to win, key elements for success.

Failure is Stairs Towards Victory

Whatever we do in this life will not be forever we obtain victory and success. Once in a while we would have lost too. However clever squirrel jump, but once in a while he will fall too.

In this complex paced life was not much different than that. Lose to win successive experienced by humans. Whether he's a great person as well as ordinary people. But precisely herein lies the difference. For people with big hearts, the losses they experienced in this life will be exploited as an incentive for him to move further ahead. But for the weak-minded, every defeat that happened, would he considered an obstacle to achieving its objectives.

Indeed, we find many examples in this life, in which people often experience this loss retreat in achieving its objectives. He did not try again to achieve its objectives by all means. Because of the way to achieve the goal something there from a variety of majors. What we have will be a driving force and advocates who need each other to achieve our goals. Even if they often suffered defeats barrage.

Defeats, that's exactly who taught humans to achieve victory. With the defeat of a person is training himself to gain the victory. Because the thing that he will receive instruction, how real life faced, fought and defended.

Without defeat experienced by the United States in the Pacific War, will be hard to predict whether the United States will find that the atomic bomb became a cover of World War II. Without anyone ever defeat in his life, will cause him arrogant and cocky. Due to feel that he is the most super. So that others will be considered trivial and low only. But with the defeat they experienced, will give him the sense that this man made equal.

Defeats is what makes human beings have a high civilization. Are not human beings who are less able to utilize his defeat barbaric. And in fact that is what distinguishes a civilized man with the savage, the intelligence to use and change suffered defeat into success and victory.

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