Saturday, February 21, 2015

An Eagle Raised As A Chicken

Once on one day a rancher find eagle eggs. He put the eagle's eggs in the chicken coop. The eggs were incubated by a hen that is stable. Then the eagle egg finally hatched, along with other chicken eggs are incubated by a hen.

Small eagle grew along with the chicks are hatched along with it. He followed what was done by the children of the chickens, he thought that he was a chicken. He joined scratching the ground to look for worms and insects. He mimicked the sound of a chicken, clucking and play together chicks. Sometimes he tried to flap their wings but just to jump a short distance, as is commonly done by chicks others. The days passed, the change until the end of this eagle is quite old.

One day he saw a bird flying high in the sky. The birds fly with a magnificent challenge blustery winds, without flapping wings. The Eagle asked her friend, a chicken. "Who is it that is flying high?"

His friend replied, he was the eagles, the king of all birds. He is a creature of free space to fly through the clouds, we just chicken. Finally, this eagle with her life as a chicken, until the end. He never realized who the true him, other than a chicken, because that's what he knew and believed since childhood.

Every human being has a tremendous potential, as well as an eagle. But not everyone knows that in him there is tremendous potential, moreover, most of them formed by a non-supportive environment.

Keep learning, keep finding out what are the advantages ourselves than others, and continue to explore the potential of each one of us, just a matter of time we will also fly like eagles.

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