Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Story Of A King Who Lost His Little Finger

This is a story about gratitude. Not just a coincidence or luck, but it is God has ordained. At times Once upon a time in a very prosperous kingdom, there lived a king who brave and wise advisers. A king was hunting. Each hunt is always accompanying the advisor.

One day while hunting, the king of the little finger was injured and cut off due to hit his own sword. The group then returned in a depressed state.

After undergoing treatment for several days, the king began to recover physically, but he was still very ashamed to appear in public. Then summoned his advisors.

King: "Counsel, how do you think that my situation is not complete this again?"

Advisory: "No problem, the king. It was fine. Be thankful that only little lost"

The angry king heard the advisor. He argued heat with the advisors who eventually jailed for insulting the King. Was appointed a new adviser.

The king could not leave his hunting hobby. Once fully recovered, he and his new adviser hunting back to another forest. But back a misfortune befell this group. Was busy chasing deer hunting, astray king and advisors in the forest.

They were caught by a pack of wild tribes in the forest, and soon bound to be sacrificed to the god of the tribe. The ceremony had been prepared. Giant cauldron filled with water and heated. Both prisoners were brought ready to be slaughtered and cooked. Shaman suddenly shouted, that the king should not participate slaughtered because of defects in the pinky. Victims should be perfectly no defect.

So the king was thrown into the woods, and after a 3-day meeting the search party that had days around for the King. King return to the state of the tired, but relieved. The first visited was the advisor who is in prison. Counsel was released from prison and the King thanked. King confirmed the opinion of counsel that indeed we should be grateful. Advisory confusion with the change of heart of the king asked what was wrong. And King explains all the events in the forest.

In fact, King apologized to him and then picked it up again as an adviser and gave him a gift as compensation received for this sentence. The advisor replied, "I have forgiven the king, even I feel grateful to have been imprisoned. Otherwise, I probably would be used as prey by tribes who have preyed adviser King, my successor. "

When something bad happens we should strive to be steadfast. Who knew God had other plans for us. And we need to know, that behind all the trouble stored a wonderful gift if we are able to handle it.

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