Sunday, March 8, 2015

Learn To Accept Defeats

Learn To Accept Defeats
The emergence of the defeat was due to the lack of knowledge on the problems encountered. And this can be overcome by deepening the knowledge of the problems faced by itself. By deepening our knowledge of something of a problem, then it can be expected that the success will be obtained. Therefore, before implementing anything, deepened was the first knowledge about the problem you want to win it.

What we experience in this world, we can be of benefit thereof. Because the truth no matter what happens in our lives then there are the benefits that can be learned from it. If nature gives instruction to us, how should we deal with this nature.

Every defeat that we experience, we can be of use as a boost in achieving the goal of our life. Do not be demoralizing defeat it to us in achieving the goals that we have set. For the defeat of the human spirit that will harden.

With the defeat that is actually someone will know the extent to which the actual ability to overcome the difficulties he faced. And everyone should be able to take advantage of the defeat they experienced as a whip to move faster and farther. Until then he would be faster up to his ideals.

Everyone should be able to change the nature defeat her become successful and success. When acquired something bad, then let endeavored to turn it into something good. When you get a loss and be of benefit to change something. Lemons crease brushes let converted into lime.

With the defeat in fact every man can rise higher, if that happened it defeats its disposal to recharge and investigate where the weakness itself. Because then, the strength of his soul will increasingly doubled, when compared with those who had never experienced defeat. People who have never suffered defeat less know the extent to which the actual ability.

Our experiences in the past we can be of use as a guide to determine the steps that will come. For vicariously experience or the experiences of others, let we can use as a guide in our lives.

When the rain has stopped, the sky looks bright. Dark clouds had caps the earth, have vanished there is no trace. Likewise, the original air was stifling and suffocating has turned into the fresh air. Likewise, when the dark night has ended gripping, will emerge fresh bright morning light. Which brings joy to all beings. Will thus also the situation when defeat has ended, then the victory screen will also open before us. For all that is in nature, always have a beginning and an end. Therefore, if you often suffer defeat, then do not despair too soon, because behind those losses will be no victory. At the end of the climb will be no reduction. Behind the bitterness of quinine will be stored wisdom treat malaria. Behind the sharp knife of wisdom stored operation that will cure the disease suffered by a person.

If we do not want to ever defeat let us learn to gain the victory. In which part of our weaknesses, so that's where we need to strengthen ourselves. Until then we can find jobs that suit our own character and personal. Because after all the work that we work when it is not in accordance with the character and our will, the job will not provide benefits that are beneficial for us. Will not bring us to the gate of life brilliance. But however small the work we are doing something when in accordance with the calling of our conscience, we would be happy to do it. And the joy of working here who would raise our achievements.

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