Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to Enjoy Retirement Without Stress

How to Enjoy Retirement Without Stress
When we think about retirement, we often focus on the financial aspect, but not in other aspects, especially the time. We switched from spending most of our time working and contributing to the community to have a lot of spare time.

There are many choices of living after your retirement job. Most important is the preparation, that you have to develop a clear vision for your retirement. It's not just about financial planning, but also about planning how you will spend your time. According to the article Creating a Happy Retirement by Nancy Mann Jackson, to create a clear vision for your retirement, start to plan the following six aspects of life:

Your Work
Many people who judge themselves through achievements and performance of their jobs. Stop work feels like to leave important personal values, so stop working entirely can make you depressed. When planning your future after retirement, consider what role you want to play later on, for example, part-time work, a consultant, or try a new career. In addition to ensuring the inclusion of regular income, it also can help you find it useful for others.

Where you live
Your home is where you raise your children. With the passage of time, the function of the house was changed. Children go to college, work, and build their households respectively. Consider moving to a smaller house or build your dream home.

One major consideration is your health in the future. Can you imagine the elderly friendly home? The house can accommodate physical limitations if you fall ill later? Maybe it is better to stay home one floor relief instead of staying in a two-story house with a lot of furniture in case you need to use a wheelchair later.

Consider also to stay close to your children. In addition to facilitate friendship relationship is maintained, you also will facilitate access for your children to take care of you in case you fall ill later.

Your free time
Plan to use your free time with hobbies and interests that you've done or are entirely new. People who lack hobbies and interests when retirement often be quickly bored and depressed. It's important to stay active, not only physically but also mentally. Exercising is very important to keep your body fit, while socializing and keep learning is crucial for maintaining the sharpness of your mind.

Your Inheritance
The vision of retirement you should also include your legacy, not only for posterity but also for the community. Ask yourself, "How can I contribute to make this earth a better place for others?" Many studies have shown that the happiest people in the world are those who are committed to helping others. You can consider working as a volunteer, for example, teaching in schools or entertain patients at the hospital. Share of energy, time, knowledge, wisdom, and passion of your life freely to those who need your help.

Your Health
You can not really carry all your retirement plan if you neglect your health. You can make short-term goals, medium, and long about your health, for example, lose weight, stop smoking, drink less alcohol, and exercise regularly.

Your Finances
Once you have a clear vision of your retirement, financial planning for retirement realize your dreams will become easier and focused. With the increasing life expectancy, you will need a financial plan for retirement that can support your life for at least the next 30 years. Consider hiring the services of a financial planner to develop a long-term financial plan. Make sure you have life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and property insurance. In addition, make sure you have a stable and sustainable income, for example by renting out the property, invest, or have a stake in the company reliable.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You Are What You Think

You Are What You Think
You are what you think. It is one of the most important facts about yourself. So, if you think that you are the person who can not be anything, then you will always be someone who can not do anything. Perhaps you feel that environmental factors affect your mind about yourself. There is not a responsibility entrusted to you because you are always failures in any occupation for which you are doing.

Hell No! Your life is not determined by the conditions and circumstances outside of you but by the thought that fills your mind. Because in the mind produced by the mind there your whole life. Thoughts have power. Actually you can think of yourself inside or outside circumstances.

Put your problem in God's hands. In the mind to overcome the problem, so that you master it, is not defeated by the problem. Test the problem, according to God's will. Change your habits into a pessimistic optimist. Then do all the work by trusting and hopeful. Associate with people who are optimistic and can support you in every job that you created.

Avoid debate and express opinions are optimistic, not pessimistic. Tighten your relationship with God so that you can get to know God's plan for your life. Be thankful in all things, even when all the brand you always fail in any case. Because God is fashioned into a more perfect in Him. Finally, remove the old thinking and fill with new thinking positive. Fill your mind with positive things, and affirm to yourself and also your subconscious that God has given you the success that you can achieve. The process only imagine, pray, and finally realize!

In the past, I was a pessimist about myself. Since childhood I always do carelessness in the most trivial things once. Teachers, friends, and even my own people are always labeled me a sloppy. And finally subconscious catch a statement, that I was careless and guns could do anything right.

One time, the Lord spoke to me twice in a row and he wanted to teach me to be a conscientious child. I do carelessness two times in a row. Because the two things that my parents angry, I increasingly believe that I was the son of a super sloppy! I cried, not because scolded the parents or because I'm a crybaby and bemoan my carelessness, but I cried because the Lord as though attributing things that occur in succession in two days.

But I realized that the Lord wants scolds me, like a father teaching his son. And taught is sick, but after that, the result will bring joy. I experienced it. I know if I'm too pessimistic about myself. So I started to change my paradigm, that I am precious in the eyes of the Lord and He will make me according to desire Him. Now, I'm studying to become a conscientious.

So this is the key word, believe and succeed! Believe and have faith, that you no longer always fail in all your work. Failure does exist, so that in the future we can succeed more than we think. Because we learn a lot from a failure. God will help you to change if you really want to change your paradigm about yourself. From now on, if you do not think it's ugly or not able to do anything, because you are still valuable in the eyes of God!

Friday, March 20, 2015

How to Get Success

Success means successful life. Long period of peace, joy and happiness in this world can be called a success. Timeless experience these circumstances is life endureth forever. The real things in life such as e.g. peace, harmony, integrity, security and happiness is not in the sense of right. Circumstances that come from within our human self. Contemplating these circumstances will build this heavenly treasure in our subconscious mind.

Three Steps to Success

3 Steps to Success 

The first step is to find what we most like to do, then do it. Success is in the love of work. However, if someone is a psychiatrist, for example, is not enough for him to have a diploma and hang it on the wall, he still must follow the times, the meetings in the field and continue to study the mind and how it works. Successful psychiatrist who came to clinics and read the latest scientific articles. In other words, he knows the most advanced methods to alleviate human suffering. Successful psychiatrist or doctor must have the attention and interest in his heart to the patient.

The second step to success is to specialize in a particular branch of work and know more about it than anyone else branch. For example, if a young man chose chemistry as a profession, he must clicking the self-concentration in one of the many branches of anything. He must be pretty excited to try to find out what can be known in the field. If possible, he should know more than anyone. The young man must pay attention vigorously at work and have to want to be useful to the world.

Who is the greatest among you, let him be your waiter. There is a contrast in attitude of mind in comparison with the attitude of people who just want to earn a living or just search for "subsistence", motive someone must be greater, nobler, more altruistic. He must serve others and thus selfless deeds

The third step is the most important. We should be sure that what we want to do is not just for the sake of our success. The desire we should not be selfish, it should bring good wishes for humanity. Road a complete rotation should be formed. In other words, the idea we have raised with the aim of giving a blessing or service to the world. The idea was then to be returned to us in a state of steady, solid or smooth overflow. If the idea is only concerned with their own advantages, circle or a complete round is not formed and we will have a short circuit in life in the form of various limitations and disease.

Some people may say, "But, Mr. X get the wealth from the sale of counterfeit goods. "A person of success may seem temporary, but the money that was obtained through fraud and will usually fly away again. If robbing others, we rob from ourselves, because we are in a state of mind shortcomings and limitations that might be revealed in our body, our home life and our affairs. We create what we believe. Although a person may accumulate treasure clearly deceptive, he was not successful. Never will succeed without peace of mind. What good is the wealth that he can not sleep every night, if he is sick or plagued with guilt?

A successful loves his work and express themselves fully. Success related to higher ideals than simply accumulating wealth. People who succeed are those who have a sense of psychological and spiritual high. Many industrialists today relies on the use of the subconscious mind is right for their success.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Start Getting Wealth

How to Start Getting Wealth
Dare to assert that you are the right to be rich and your subconscious mind will respect your statement. You do not want just enough to not starve. You need all the money you need to do everything you want and when you want. Get to know the wealth of your subconscious mind.

When money circulates freely in your life, you are economically healthy. Look at the money like the tide and you will always have it quite abundant. Rise and fall of the tide was normal. When the tide is not there, you are absolutely sure that the tide was going back.

Provided you know the law subconscious mind, you will always get the money supply, regardless of its form. One of the reasons why many people only have money just weeks to stay alive and never adequacy really is the attitude of those who condemn the money. What do you curse will fly away from you.

Do not deify money. Money is just a symbol. Remember that real wealth is in your mind. You are here to live a draw - this includes the presence of all the money that is needed. Do not make money as his only goal. Seek wealth, happiness, peace and love and personally radiate love and goodwill to all people. If so, your subconscious mind will give doubled interest in all these fields.

There is no virtue in poverty. Poverty is a disease of the mind and you have to cure the disease or mental conflict as soon as possible. You are here not to live in huts, dressed in rags or starve. You are here to live more abundantly. Do not ever say the words, "money is evil" or "I hate money." You will lose what you hate. Nothing is good or bad, but thinking about something with a good or bad thought would make it good or bad.

Money is no more evil than copper, tin, lead or iron that may be found in the soil. All evil is due to ignorance and misuse of the power of the mind. Describing the end result in mind will cause the subconscious mind to answer and satisfy your mental pictures.

Stop trying to look for anything from zero. There is nothing called a free luch. We have to give to receive. We must pay attention to the destination mind, ideals and our efforts and our subconscious mind will support us. Key to the application of the law of wealth is the subconscious mind to instill the idea of ​​wealth in them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Get the Job You Want

Not easy for the fresh graduates to find a job. Lack of experience often make their chances for employment, especially in large companies, be thin. However, you are fresh out of college and was looking for a first job, do not be upset.

According to Brandon Labman, founder of Responsible Outgoing College Students (ROCS), agency services to job seekers entry-level class in Northern Virginia, the energy and enthusiasm of the new graduates could beat the experience factor. "We recruit employees based on their potential. Indicate that you are passionate and want the position you seek. You do not need to say that you've experienced 10 years, and had a great ability. Just show me that in the next 10 years you will be great at doing the job" he said.

Everyone likes to do the job that best suits him. An artist like working with paint, a craftsman with his hands, an author likes to write. Those who lack the talent that definitely have the choice of a particular field of business and industry. A regular state the order can offer all kinds of work is very varied, tilling the soil, making the goods at the factory, marketing and many other professional fields.

Working in a place we want certainly very pleasant. Not only makes us proud, but also become proud parents because they can see their children have managed to get what it wanted. This time I tried to give you what exactly we have to prepare so that we dream, especially in the field of employment and careers in line with expectations and our ideals. Here are some things we need to do to get a dream job:

The First; sure is exactly the kind of job you want. If the work was not there maybe you can create yourself.

Second; choose a company or individual that you want as your place of work.

Third; investigate your prospective employer in the field of wisdom, personnel and opportunities to make progress.

Fourth; by analyzing yourself, your talents and abilities, specify what you can offer, and plan ways and means to provide benefits, services, developments and ideas that you believe you can give to success.

Fifth; forget about the "job". Forget the presence or absence of vacancies. Forget the routine "if you have a job for me?" Focus on what you can give.

Sixth; so you have a plan in mind, work with an experienced writer to record it in writing in the form of a neat and with the utmost detail.

Seventh; Convey your written plan to the people who have the proper authority, and he would pass up the rest. Any company looking for people who can give something of value, whether ideas, services or connections. Each company has a place for people who have a definite plan of action for the betterment of the company.

The set of this procedure may take a few days or a few weeks of free time, but the difference in salary, advancement and attention that will be accepted save one to five times a person to achieve the goals he wanted.

Everyone who start and go half way up the ladder managed to do it with the planning done deliberately and carefully.

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