Monday, March 2, 2015

Resources That Never Exhausted

In us all there is a source of strength that has not been tapped, which saved us in difficult times. In our minds all the events going on, all the excitement of live, all the sadness get philosophical fight. This is the castle that cannot be captured, peaceful area that cannot be penetrated by the storm unless we let it.

We cannot chase away the sadness and loneliness in a rational way, but we can build for ourselves a kingdom of the mind where life never fails to valuable lived. From here we can reach out to capture the minds of others who have enjoyed the beauty of this world before us and express what they find on canvas or in scores of music or a good book. This is the greatest consolation.

What was done by the people, who in difficult times can not detract from the policy of the philosophers? Why do we face the battle alone if we could have asked for assistance to the legion with the brightest brains in the world? We have to build this resource in time of peace of mind so that it will always be ready when we need it.

There was also a resource character. Character means that quite a lot, but the most valuable component is the habit of doing what must be done. People who are well able to cope with grief and confusion have received life as difficult and it alone is courage, but they are also ready to face danger, sorrow, disaster and do what is necessary.

How strong people who have such resources. But these resources never appear when needed. It will grow over the years and this is a discipline that should be started at an early age to accept the little things that hurt.

Another great resource is the resource of love. In the deepest sense, we are what shaped by our relationships with other human beings. Only the discipline of human sympathy that could keep getting worse and life is fragile. If we keep our sympathy and understanding alive, then we will feel the warmth of relationships with other people so that at difficult moments of our spirit will arise just by looking at the faces of our fellow alone, and feel good knowing that it was fate that could befall mankind in general.

Work is other resources, in addition to a great drug therapy, the antidote to pain. The more difficult and challenging what we do, the better, because we cannot work hard without using energy that can be used for self-pity.

The more creative attitude towards work, the greater the benefits that we can take from it. As with the three workers on the highway Brussels encountered by a pedestrian when they're working with large stone blocks? "What are you doing?" Asked the pedestrian. "Splitting the stone," said one worker. "Make money five dollars a day," replied the other. "Is building a mosque" replied the third labor. People who are busy building a mosque has a strong force to face the difficulties of life.

Finally there are the resources of faith, belief in the basic goodness in life. Indeed, life is not always fair. But life after all good and fun and the most daring thing to do man was snatched from the path of suffering excitement.

Of course we can deny that this tragedy really exist. We also can avoid the experience, no matter how much it weighs to be born. But there is a kind of belief in the triumph of good, confidence in the support of psychologists and theologians.

For religious people, the goodness that we find in our lives comes from the goodness in other places. There is a power greater than ourselves who wants our state well and thus we live in a universe where goodness is stronger than evil. Such an attitude is our shield against bitterness.

No matter whatever the state of the world, we have to live in it with such courage as best he could. How well our preparation depends largely on how well we build resource timeless, which is resistant to all the changes. But how do we get it?

Maybe most of us get it as long accustomed to establish attitudes of mind and character before other things. We can rethink the value ourselves and put love and growth before such values. We can learn to pray and worship. We also can learn the discipline to confront the problems of small well and bravely, in preparation for weeks to face the day when a big problem comes.

Which need to be kept in mind is both the joys and sorrow, we must remember that life itself is priceless. And maybe we do not need to ask for more than that, that it gives the opportunity to become what we can accomplish to experience what we experience and love what can we love.

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