Monday, March 9, 2015

How to Start Living Like Kings

How to Start Living Like Kings
You present on this earth to live a life of abundance, life is full of love, peace, joy and rich life. Begin now to release the wealth of storage space in you. You always move toward your vision. Whatever you give attention, your subconscious mind will enrich and doubled it in your thoughts.

Accept wealth, health and success now. Stop procrastinating. This means your kindness now, peace now claim it, claim it that the love of God meet your soul now, this minute. Health is the image of thoughts in your mind. Claim it that the God of wealth circulating in your life now. If you make it a habit, then your subconscious mind will encourage you to express wealth. Claim it all your kindness now. Remember you do not create anything, what you do is give form and expression to what is always there, now and forever.

Plan for the future of the rich and glorious now. If you plan something for the future, then you plan it now. If you think about the past, then you think about it now. You can control the present. Change your mindset now to comply with health, wealth and success and your future is certain. The future is now your mindset manifested.

Be careful of the two thieves, the "past" and "future". If you torture yourself with the mistakes of the past or worrying about the future, then there should be wary of these two thieves who rob from your vitality, intelligence and peace of mind. Start counting your mercy now and free yourself from these two thieves.

To think that a happy and exciting episode in the past is the present excitement. Remember, the result of past events, good or bad are representations of your mind now. Navigate your current thoughts into the right channel. Let peace, harmony, joy, love, prosperity and good wishes reigns in your mind. Repeat as often as possible consciously and this concept and forget everything else. Use of this spiritual medicine regularly and systematically and you are right to build a future full of glory.

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