Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You Are What You Think

You Are What You Think
You are what you think. It is one of the most important facts about yourself. So, if you think that you are the person who can not be anything, then you will always be someone who can not do anything. Perhaps you feel that environmental factors affect your mind about yourself. There is not a responsibility entrusted to you because you are always failures in any occupation for which you are doing.

Hell No! Your life is not determined by the conditions and circumstances outside of you but by the thought that fills your mind. Because in the mind produced by the mind there your whole life. Thoughts have power. Actually you can think of yourself inside or outside circumstances.

Put your problem in God's hands. In the mind to overcome the problem, so that you master it, is not defeated by the problem. Test the problem, according to God's will. Change your habits into a pessimistic optimist. Then do all the work by trusting and hopeful. Associate with people who are optimistic and can support you in every job that you created.

Avoid debate and express opinions are optimistic, not pessimistic. Tighten your relationship with God so that you can get to know God's plan for your life. Be thankful in all things, even when all the brand you always fail in any case. Because God is fashioned into a more perfect in Him. Finally, remove the old thinking and fill with new thinking positive. Fill your mind with positive things, and affirm to yourself and also your subconscious that God has given you the success that you can achieve. The process only imagine, pray, and finally realize!

In the past, I was a pessimist about myself. Since childhood I always do carelessness in the most trivial things once. Teachers, friends, and even my own people are always labeled me a sloppy. And finally subconscious catch a statement, that I was careless and guns could do anything right.

One time, the Lord spoke to me twice in a row and he wanted to teach me to be a conscientious child. I do carelessness two times in a row. Because the two things that my parents angry, I increasingly believe that I was the son of a super sloppy! I cried, not because scolded the parents or because I'm a crybaby and bemoan my carelessness, but I cried because the Lord as though attributing things that occur in succession in two days.

But I realized that the Lord wants scolds me, like a father teaching his son. And taught is sick, but after that, the result will bring joy. I experienced it. I know if I'm too pessimistic about myself. So I started to change my paradigm, that I am precious in the eyes of the Lord and He will make me according to desire Him. Now, I'm studying to become a conscientious.

So this is the key word, believe and succeed! Believe and have faith, that you no longer always fail in all your work. Failure does exist, so that in the future we can succeed more than we think. Because we learn a lot from a failure. God will help you to change if you really want to change your paradigm about yourself. From now on, if you do not think it's ugly or not able to do anything, because you are still valuable in the eyes of God!

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