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How to Enjoy Retirement Without Stress

How to Enjoy Retirement Without Stress
When we think about retirement, we often focus on the financial aspect, but not in other aspects, especially the time. We switched from spending most of our time working and contributing to the community to have a lot of spare time.

There are many choices of living after your retirement job. Most important is the preparation, that you have to develop a clear vision for your retirement. It's not just about financial planning, but also about planning how you will spend your time. According to the article Creating a Happy Retirement by Nancy Mann Jackson, to create a clear vision for your retirement, start to plan the following six aspects of life:

Your Work
Many people who judge themselves through achievements and performance of their jobs. Stop work feels like to leave important personal values, so stop working entirely can make you depressed. When planning your future after retirement, consider what role you want to play later on, for example, part-time work, a consultant, or try a new career. In addition to ensuring the inclusion of regular income, it also can help you find it useful for others.

Where you live
Your home is where you raise your children. With the passage of time, the function of the house was changed. Children go to college, work, and build their households respectively. Consider moving to a smaller house or build your dream home.

One major consideration is your health in the future. Can you imagine the elderly friendly home? The house can accommodate physical limitations if you fall ill later? Maybe it is better to stay home one floor relief instead of staying in a two-story house with a lot of furniture in case you need to use a wheelchair later.

Consider also to stay close to your children. In addition to facilitate friendship relationship is maintained, you also will facilitate access for your children to take care of you in case you fall ill later.

Your free time
Plan to use your free time with hobbies and interests that you've done or are entirely new. People who lack hobbies and interests when retirement often be quickly bored and depressed. It's important to stay active, not only physically but also mentally. Exercising is very important to keep your body fit, while socializing and keep learning is crucial for maintaining the sharpness of your mind.

Your Inheritance
The vision of retirement you should also include your legacy, not only for posterity but also for the community. Ask yourself, "How can I contribute to make this earth a better place for others?" Many studies have shown that the happiest people in the world are those who are committed to helping others. You can consider working as a volunteer, for example, teaching in schools or entertain patients at the hospital. Share of energy, time, knowledge, wisdom, and passion of your life freely to those who need your help.

Your Health
You can not really carry all your retirement plan if you neglect your health. You can make short-term goals, medium, and long about your health, for example, lose weight, stop smoking, drink less alcohol, and exercise regularly.

Your Finances
Once you have a clear vision of your retirement, financial planning for retirement realize your dreams will become easier and focused. With the increasing life expectancy, you will need a financial plan for retirement that can support your life for at least the next 30 years. Consider hiring the services of a financial planner to develop a long-term financial plan. Make sure you have life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and property insurance. In addition, make sure you have a stable and sustainable income, for example by renting out the property, invest, or have a stake in the company reliable.

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