Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Avoid Defeat

avoid defeatOur enemy is the main thing is our own ignorance. Due to the foolish man, then everything will be difficult. There is not one that can be implemented in any job perfectly and satisfying. Thus, he often suffered defeat in every job he does.

All of this gives us the impression of the importance of self-education to achieve welfare. Because this life is to fight for victory. Who loses and who wins is determined by the wisdom of someone in control of his life. If one is not good at cooperating with itself, it will be the opposite of it by himself as well. If something similar happens, then defeat would not be far away.

Many people who feel sad and disappointed, because they feel that this life is not paying attention to him. He always expect a helping hand from others. It would be difficult to happen if we had never attempted that direction. Because whatever we get in this life is the result of our own efforts.

Before carrying out a job, we should first investigate whether the work was compatible with us or not. Because the fitting work with us, so that in the future it will elevate our own good name. If someone always impose himself, to work not in accordance with his calling, and soon the job will get the results unsatisfactory. If still too forced, then that will arise is an unexpected defeat.

To that end, before the job is done, the research should be established beforehand. Scientists always conduct research on some of the objects that will be investigated. Everything was aimed to obtain data more complete and profound. Until the study was obtained based on a view that the results can be accounted for righteousness. And even if there is some disagreement then the data after it has been quite as evidence of its truth.

Then from the examples that have taken place in past times we also make it as a paragon. Because by taking the example of a comparison of the things that have taken place, it will obtain the appropriate means for resolving a problem. And in a manner such that, defeat was likely to be unavoidable.

It required determination for a purpose. With the determination at a crucial moment and it is important that someone will be able to achieve its objectives. Because in such circumstances it is in fact, one man can know himself well. Because of the time-critical juncture and that will determine the fate of mankind and a nation. Someone cleverly utilizing critical times, then there he will gain victory.

In too many stories we encounter things like this. In the critical moments of the main character is always alone can release himself from the danger which threatened him. For any chance at a crucial moment actually is a help from God, and therefore is why people who are able to capitalize on critical moments, will be able to avoid defeat. But all this would not have happened if not equipped with science.

Skill someone tapped object nature, is also a resounding victory road. For many nature to provide assistance to his life in persons for success. What God says is true, that all nature intended for humans.

Because when nature gives trouble, the actual nature itself also provide a way out of the difficulty itself. If we are losing the battle against the real enemy, the enemy itself gives a lesson to us how it should be a way that used to be able to defeat it. That is why it is said that our enemy is our teacher.

Confidence and perseverance to work according to our own conscience calls, is exactly what the road leading to the victory. Do not compare yourself too much with the state of others. Because what is enjoyed by everyone is the result of his own. When a person feels the enjoyment of life, without the crops themselves, then such a pleasure, will not last long. As in the enlarger, which moved up in triumph as appointed by the party, then the glory that as it will quickly fade. And defeat will soon come.

When you defeat, then it means that it is not fared as your own. There are thousands of people in this world who end up like you. Therefore, before you look up, look at the first down. So that you realize that it was derived from the high-low. When you look at the stars, then realize that you are standing on the earth. Remember that if there are high then low was definitely there.

With the attitude of the crate then your spirit will be pushed further. You will be happy in this life. You will want to get out of that defeat as soon as possible. Because you are an active man. That is why you must be prepared to tackle and deal with any defeat you experienced. Because that's better.

Do you misunderstand that to escape from defeat, then you will have success. Do not! will not be the case. Face and defeat just overcome it. Until the end of your weight on the winning side. Because if you escape it wherever you will be pursued. Until defeats still be with you.

Because the face of defeats then it means that we are still looking for a way out of the unsolved problems. But if you run away from him then it ran from responsibility. Grief and sorrow for accepting defeat is a matter of course. But remember the defeat and disappointment you will never change and treated if you do not try to do something that will light the way that you will travel.

Without deeds starting point to avoid defeat suffered in the past, the situation will never change. For the individual concerned will create happiness for himself.

In ways that gentleman defeats will be overcome. Because the feeling shy and timid unwarranted, then there will be a big job that can be done. All employment shall obliged to do the job. With a sense of this compulsory then one will work with confidence and tenacity does not know the retreat that will be able to avoid defeats.

And based on that later will be able to obtain happiness and heaven life. This means that only people who are willing to fight that will get the victory.

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