Sunday, March 1, 2015

Find Happiness In The Little Things

The real problem is not only because of the difficulties that always come up, but because we do not know how to deal with it. We ran to and fro to join the party. We swallow sedatives and sleeping pills, we fight with our loved ones or as determined to hide our grief, we are suffering from psychosomatic illness. At worst, we could get a place of refuge in bitterness, accusing other people, living or  God incorporate us into trouble.

It is always like that. We always are in between laughter and tears, the face of crisis, large or small. Just for being a just man, we are always in trouble coping with the painful heart, failed ambition, unrequited love, sadness and loneliness.

The truth is that we are in trouble we need to find quickly and with the pain of what kind of inner resources, the price of what the eternal in the hearts and minds that we deposited in banks spirit to face this difficult time. They hand over everything to the time while they wait for tomorrow is uncertain.

People who fail to deal with the stress and pressures of life, often are those who have never learned to appreciate what the French call le petit bonheur  (little happiness), when it comes to them. It's a pity, because most life just get little dramatic and extraordinary. But every day there's always a little happiness (le petit bonheur) we can get.

Only one person in a thousand knows the secret actually live in the present. Most of us spent fifty-nine minutes in one hour to live in the past or in the future that we want or we are afraid of. The only way to live is to accept every minute as a miracle that cannot be repeated again and I think it is.

For us all a lot of excitement like that, for example, ranks ducklings swim with dashing behind mother duck, dashing like a warship, a branch of apple wood blazing in the fireplace, the wind shaking the pine tree tops.

Nets laced life of threads like this. No clothes big enough to cope with the grief, but after knitted together, all be able to shelter against the cold and keep out the rain and soften grief so it should be at the time of his arrival, little happiness will build a dam memories for against the sterile hours.

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